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Pretend With Me: A Valentine's Day short

“This right here is why I talk to him the way I do. Where’s the fucking respect?” Primrose was a little more than annoyed, she was teetering on peeved. Although Primrose mumbled the words, her body language spoke loud enough for those around her, especially the waitress, to understand her night was not going well.

Snatching up her small clutch, Primrose scooted out of the booth-style seat, keeping her head held high. After realizing she had been stood up, sitting at a table for two felt weird and embarrassing. Seeing as how this wasn’t the first time, in the back of her mind, she half expected it. Less hurt and more disappointed, she decided right then and there that she would enjoy the night.

Primrose rolled her eyes when she felt her mood shift. “I will not start sulking. I will not start sulking. I will not start fucking sulking,” she kept repeating, hoping the words would sink in and she could avoid a meltdown. Her perfectly planned date was now nothing more than another failed attempt at keeping the romance alive in a relationship she now understood should have never been.

Primrose pulled out her phone and texted her closest friend an update.

Primrose: Don’t say I told you so, but he did not show up.

L’oreal: With the way you are looking? That nigga should be on the chopping block after tonight.

Primrose: That’s a wrap on that. I look too fucking good to be sitting at home on an evening like this.

L’oreal: Period. It’s National Get Flowers and Dick Day, so that’s what you should be doing.

Primrose: National what? I’m not about to play with you.

L’oreal: I’m serious, friend. Stay out, enjoy your night, and do all the things I WOULD DO.

Primrose: Got it. Be Lori for the night. Ex nigga, who?

L'oreal: THAT PART. Love you!

Primrose chuckled to herself, knowing her friend meant every word. She didn’t know about doing all the things L'oreal would do, but Primrose would stay out tonight. While sliding her phone back inside her clutch, she looked around the restaurant. After giving up the table and heading outside to the bar to snag a seat, Primrose promised herself she’d enjoy the atmosphere.

She chose The Hayes Place for their date because of its amazing setting and backdrop. The restaurant sat on the beach, allowing everyone to witness the jaw-dropping sunsets depending on the time you dined in. A beautiful, two-story restaurant with a wrap-around veranda on the second floor. It was a favorite for the locals in Indigo City.

Primrose made her way out to the outside bar, sweeping her eyes over the outdoor area. She wanted to feel the breeze the ocean offered. The large string lights that lined the outside above her head made the sitting area cozy. There were couples sporadically placed, while a few danced in the open space deemed the dance floor. Heading for the first available seat she spotted, she sat down and signaled for the bartender.

The Hayes Place offered Valentine’s Day-themed drink–a mixed concoction with smoke spilling over the top.

“Can I get another Love Potion No. 9?” she asked. The bartender grabbed her empty glass, then nodded to confirm she heard her.

Primrose had been sitting at the bar people-watching for half an hour and counting when suddenly, she heard, “Ma, if you sigh any harder, you gone blow the bar down. You good?”

Engrossed by the happenings around her, she hadn’t sensed the man who’d probably been sitting next to her for God knows how long. Choosing to be petty, even with a stranger, she sucked in as much air as possible, then sighed the hardest sigh she could muster up, causing herself to choke on her spit.

“Now see, that's what your ass gets for trying to be funny while I was just checking on you.” Jude sputtered out a laugh.

“I’m Jude,” the stranger stated while holding his hand out. With her hand poised in the air in a stop motion, Primrose attempted to clear her aching throat before speaking. Just as she felt ready to squeak out a few words, he took her hand in his hand for a feather-light kiss.

“Primrose,” she said with a reddish hue tinting her cheeks.

Primrose knew she should not have been blushing at another man, seeing as how she expected to be on a date with her boyfriend in the same establishment. But the attention he showed her warmed her soul after being forgotten about on what the world deemed a special, romantic day. She deserved the butterflies and tenderness from a man, albeit a stranger, but nevertheless, she deserved it.

“You can let my hand go now.”

“Shit feels too good, honestly. I think I’ll hold on to it for now,” Jude smoothly said, tossing a wink Primrose’s way.

Oddly enough, the gesture felt comfortable. Even with him being a stranger, Primrose found comfort in a simple handhold. She noticed her phone ring and ignored it; she had no plans to burst the bubble she and this handsome stranger had created while holed up at the bar.

Glass in hand, she turned her body on the bar stool, fully facing Jude now, presenting herself with the opportunity to revel in the man’s beautiful features. His glowing skin was the color of freshly brewed coffee, dark and silky. His long lashes nearly fanned his cheeks caused by his eyes closing from grinning so hard. He must have known she was checking him out. Jude showed his best features in a way Primrose couldn’t resist. From an outsider's point of view, they looked silly while skinning and grinning and holding hands, as if they’d known each other far longer than they actually had.

“You are a very beautiful man. I’m sure you know that already!”

“I do, but tell me again. I got chills a little bit hearing it from that pretty ass mouth.”

Primrose took a hold of Jude’s chin, slightly tugging at his chin hairs and allowing her time to peruse the perimeter of his face. His low, dark eyes were smiling at her, knowing she was checking him out.

She released an intended whisper and said, “Beautiful!”

Seeing the slight shiver take over Jude’s body while his hold tightened on her hand was empowering. Primrose was on the edge of the bar stool now, being tugged by the invisible thread Jude had control of.

“Shit, Ma,” Jude said, shaking his head. “Let me focus before drinks be the last thing these people see sitting on top of this bar.” Jude smiled while he spoke those words, but the hunger displayed in his eyes showed just how serious he was.

Would he feast on her right on top of the bar? Or take her long and hard, causing a sweet friction that would take her to new heights. Primrose wasn't sure what he was thinking, but the statement caused a light pooling of heat to stir in her lower belly. She enjoyed watching the effects of her effortless flirting.

Their hands were still clasped as Jude spoke. “What, or rather who is silly enough to have you sitting alone tonight looking as stunning as you do?”

Emitting one of her deep sighs, she cut her eyes at Jude, who housed an amused smirk on his face. She didn’t want to spend such an intimate moment discussing her loser of a friend turned lover. She internally made peace with giving the stranger embarrassing information, knowing she wouldn’t see him again after they left and parted ways.

“When you give someone too much grace, they expect you to never fault them for their shortcomings. I can put it all on him, but I should’ve demanded I be a priority more often than not. The result of not doing that has me spending Valentine's Day alone.” She had her head cast down, waiting for the embarrassment to flood her, but none came. Instead, she only felt her barstool get tugged, causing a screech that seemed far louder to her than it was. Their knees were touching now as Jude’s dress pants caressed her bare milk chocolate skin. Primrose felt a lot at that moment; his legs touching hers, his thumb caressing her skin, his eyes telling her things she wasn’t too sure she understood. It all made her feel like a live wire.

Jude washed out any ill feelings Primrose felt by being stood up, replacing them with such wordless tenderness that she never wanted to escape. She hadn’t expected to be this close to a stranger when not even an hour ago, she was on the verge of a severe meltdown.

“You spent long enough seated in those feelings. Spend Valentine’s with me? Pretend with me?” Primrose’s eyes widened at his question, mouth flopping like a fish.

Jude was laying it on thick, giving Primrose intense eye contact while causing many fluttering sensations on different parts of her body.

“Pretend? Pretend with you?” Primrose asked, a bit taken aback by Jude’s question. Of course they had been flirting intensely for a while. Still, Primrose struggled to wrap her head around his question. Could she pretend with him for one night only? She wondered what all that would entail.

“You’re thinking too hard, love.”

“Well, of course I’m thinking hard, Jude. You’re practically a stranger.”

“Then tell me no, Ma. It’s no pressure. I just want you to have the kind of night you deserve,” Jude stated with finality. He refused to beg her, but he wanted her to say yes.

“The kind of night I deserve? And you can give that to me?”

“Whole-heartedly, and with no requests from me.”

She didn’t really need the convincing; she was simply prolonging the inevitable. Their interactions so far felt too good to cut short simply because they hadn’t known each other before he pointed out her heavy sighs and longing looks.

Primrose decided she would delay her answer by slowly lifting her glass and sipping the mixed drink. Her eyes skirted over Jude’s features while suppressing the smile threatening to tip the corners of her mouth. She thought he was really handsome and clean-cut.

Lifting her glass once more, Primrose straightened her spine while crossing her legs in the tight space Jude allowed between them. Noticing he hadn’t broken eye contact while she debated her answer, Primrose finally let the smile break free.

“The admiration in your eyes is intoxicating, like a caress to my skin.”

Jude had his eyes settled on her face, fleeting back and forth between her heavily painted eyes and her bare shoulders. He lifted his hand, lightly trailing his fingers across the glowing skin of her shoulder, brushing her hair to the back.

“While you ponder that question, thinking you’re going to make me sweat, dance with me?”

Primrose was starting to feel the effects of whiplash from Jude’s demanding aura. She liked that he left no room for her to question what was happening between them, but she also needed time to wrap her mind around wanting to tell him yes to everything he asked and wanted.

“What happened to the no demands thing?” Primrose asked while slowly sliding off her barstool. She would give him this dance and anything else he requested.

“You’re telling me no, then?”

“I don’t think I could tell you no, even if I wanted to.”

“That’s what I like to hear, love.” Jude guided her to the dance floor amongst the other couples. He pulled Primrose close enough for their fronts to touch, and he still hadn’t let go of the hand he claimed possession of.

Primrose had her small clutch in her hand that she placed behind Jude’s neck. He towered over her five-six height, but not so tall she had to strain her neck to give him her eyes. Primrose felt Jude’s hand slide down her side and around her waist, bringing them even closer. Internally, she panicked that her heart was beating impossibly fast. The smell of him so close made her want to drag her nose across his chest. He smelled like fresh, pure linens wrapped around a strong man.

“Now that you’ve somehow managed to make me completely comfortable in your arms. Tell me something about Jude?” She stared up at him, eager to hear him speak about anything; the sound of his deep tenor had quickly become her favorite.

“Jude Fontaine at your service, a young, thirty-three-year-old owner of the landscaping company, Unkempt. I love baseball, and that’s it.” Jude spoke smoothly while staring at Primrose, enthralled. All consumed by her beauty and the feel of her in his arms.

“That’s it, huh? Any girlfriends or wives that’ll be popping up in a minivan if I decide to leave here with you?”

Watching the extension of Jude’s neck as he guffawed at Primrose’s question had her salivating. He was so fine to her, beautiful even just as she had told him.

“Hell nah, Ma. It’s just me in these streets, nothing at home but my belongings and my dog.”

Smiling up at Jude, she let the lyrics of the song playing across the bar wash over her. Toni Braxton was singing about letting it flow. With plans to do just that, Primrose somehow tugged herself even closer to Jude’s body, he felt so solid and warm, making her feel giddy inside.

“Tell me about the beautiful Primrose.”

As soon as she started to speak, Jude placed his face in the crook of her neck, taking a deep inhale. Between Toni crooning and Jude being so close, her brain was short-circuiting.

“Uhm.. uhm. Primrose Hart. I own Spines & Wine, the only black-owned bookstore in town. I’m thirty years old and alone after tonight. No dogs either.”

Jude placed a kiss on her exposed shoulder.

“You’re not alone, not as long as you allow me to hold you just like this.”

That did it for Primrose; his words did more than reach her heart. They shot a zing straight to her pussy. Her panties were on the verge of being ruined.

She wanted to kiss him hard and long like a long-lost lover. The harsh sound of someone clearing their throat threatened to break through the lust-induced fog, but she dared not break her gaze from Jude.

“What the fuck is this, Prim?”

Primrose's shoulders immediately sank forward as she dropped her head to Jude’s chest. She knew damn well this man hadn’t finally shown his face hours, or however long, after standing her up.

“My man, back the fuck up. You see me and my date enjoying our dance.”

“You’re date? Nigga, that’s my girl.”

“Was. She’s my girl now. As you can see.”

Jude took the lead on them dancing and spinning their bodies to where his back was now facing Darius–effectively blocking him out. Primrose thought it was funny, but she knew the situation wasn’t to be laughed at.

Suddenly, she felt Jude jerk; he moved so fast that all she saw was Darius being yanked up by the front of his shirt. Primrose wasn’t expecting the scene before her, so it had her stuck. One of Jude’s arms remained around her as he jacked up Darius with his unoccupied hand.

“My man, take your ass on. Call her tomorrow and say all the shit you need to say. If she’s not with me, she might answer. Now get the fuck on,” Jude spat.

Barely managing to catch himself from falling, Darius pinned Primrose with a hard stare while stumbling away. Darius’ anger may have been warranted, but he had life fucked up if he had expected her to continue to sit around being disappointed by him.

Primrose let out a body-shaking laugh. “Jude, you did not have to son that man like that. Lord, the shit I’ll have to hear tomorrow.”

“Man. I don’t wanna hear that. You should’ve never said yes to pretending with me. You’re mine until further notice. Now let me get back to holding and kissing all on you.”

Their bodies were together again, and Jude’s face was placed back in its rightful place, according to him, while her eyes were closed. She knew she’d have to answer for what just happened, but she couldn’t muster up the feelings to care. Primrose was genuinely enjoying her night with this mysterious man, and nothing could ruin that, not even the man she’d deemed a close friend and lover. She had concluded that Darius didn’t deserve any more of her time that he loved to waste. Tonight, she would do what felt right, and if ending it with Mr. Fontaine felt right, then she would do just that.

“Open your mouth, Prim.”

“Shit!” Jude had her outside of herself while he managed to lick and suck up the spilled remnants of the wasted champagne.

They were inside the hotel's elevator, taking a short ride up to the fourth floor. They could’ve taken the stairs, but it would’ve been a wasted effort, with them all tongue and tangled limbs.

“Open up and show me that tongue, too.” Jude poured more champagne into Primrose’s mouth, giving her just enough time to swallow the tasty bubbly before he took possession of her mouth and sucked on her tongue, attempting to drink from her mouth.

“As good as this champagne tastes on you, I wonder what the rest of you tastes like. I’ma need you to open those sets of lips too, so I can drink from your well,” he spoke between kisses.

He kept his arm around her waist and a firm grip on her ass while tugging her impossibly close. His love language had to be physical touch, seeing as he needed her under his fingertips at all times.

Hearing the elevator ding, Jude picked Primrose up, her legs wrapping around his waist. He held the champagne bottle in one hand, making the trek to their hotel room. If she wasn’t so wrapped up in his presence, she might’ve been scared he would drop her.

As soon as the door clicked shut, Primrose slid down Jude’s body, making her dress rise and expose her silk thong. They both knew it was damp.

Jude turned the bottle up, drinking a double dose of pleasure for his senses of taste and sight. Pulling the front of her champagne-covered dress down, Jude exposed her chocolate-colored nipples, then quickly took one into his mouth and the other into the palm of his hand. Gently, he sucked and nipped before showing the twin the same attention.

“Yesssss.” Primrose moaned. Her head fell back as she enjoyed the feel of his tongue and teeth on her body.

“Take this shit off,” Jude demanded.

As she pulled the dress over her head, Jude tugged her panties down.

“Step out of these. Keep these fucking heels on.”

Jude poured more champagne into her mouth before setting the bottle on the entryway table. He extended his arm, taking possession of the front of her neck while tightening his grip and pulling her toward him. Their lips instantly connected. His deep moan sent a chill through her body, causing her to shiver. She may have been ass naked, but she wasn’t the slightest bit cold.

Primrose extended her hand in search of his pole. Grabbing a hand full, she gave him a light squeeze before going for Jude’s belt buckle.

“Take all this shit off, so I can see you,” Primrose demanded.

While Prim unbuckled his pants, proceeding to help him out of his pants, Jude pulled and tugged at his shirt. His only goal was to do as he was told. Jude now stood in front of her naked, her eyes wide as saucers, surprised by the dick he carried in his black slacks.

Wrapping her dainty fingers around his thick dick had her saliva pooling between her lips. Her pussy became as wet as her mouth at the sight of the gorgeous man in front of her. She needed him, now and not a minute later.

“Not only are you beautiful, but you’re carrying a beautiful dick, too.” Primrose dropped to her knees, lifting his hard dick. She licked down his length and then twisted her tongue around the head of his dick. Taking him into her mouth wasn’t an easy task. A lesser bitch would’ve given up, but she was determined to please him.

Tightening her grip on his hard dick, she suctioned him like a vacuum before pulling back. Bobbing on his dick while simultaneously jerking him off, he tasted just as clean and manly as he smelled.

Jude let out a slow hiss at the feel of her wet, warm mouth encasing his dick.

“Fuck, man. Shit feels too good.” With a fistful of her hair, he guided her head at the speed he liked. When Primrose gagged, he pulled her off his dick and up his body, engaging her in a sloppy kiss. “You tryna have me screaming up in this bitch, topping me like that.” Carrying her back to the bedroom, he gently tossed her onto the bed.

“Play with your pussy, Prim.”

Jude had a hold on his dick, slowly tugging while he aired demands. “Slow down, baby. Rub slow circles over that clit.” He walked toward the bed, steadily stroking.

Leaning forward, he inched the head of his dick into her opening. When Primrose gasped from the pressure, he pulled back and disconnected their bodies.

“Every time you stop rubbing your clit, ima deny you.” Jude stared at her glistening pussy as he spoke, then shook his head, attempting to clear his head of thoughts that would make him cum too early. As Primrose rubbed herself, she licked her lips when she noticed droplets of pre-cum leave his tip. The scene they created was so erotic that she felt she was floating.

She threw her head back to break his trance over her. Her pussy clenched, seeking him out.

“Look at how she's drooling.”

“Oh my god.” Primrose's body slightly lifted off the bed when she felt Jude’s wide tongue slowly dip inside her. He kept his eyes on hers, ensuring her fingers were still rubbing circles while he ate her like his last meal.

Pulling back, he made his way up her body and slid inside her while parting her lips with his tongue. She placed one arm behind his head and indulged in a heart-pounding kiss as he thrust inside her, touching places that had never been reached.

“Yes. Fuck me, just like that.”

“Don’t you fucking cum, Prim. Don’t you dare stop rubbing your clit.”

“I can’t take it.”

“She’s so pretty and swollen. Fuck, this pussy is so fucking good.” Jude was sure he wouldn’t be able to pull out if he tried; her grip was too tight. Looking down at the sight of the two of them, him pumping into her while she rubbed her pussy in slow circles, caused an overflow of her juices to seep out and cover his dick. It was a beautiful sight that had him speeding up his movements–not wanting the high to end but loving how her warmth surrounded him.

“Mmhm. I feel it.”

Primrose’s movements sped up, her heart pounding as her toes tingled. She was on the verge of cumming and was ready to soar.

“Let that shit go, baby,” Jude instructed.

“Ohhhh my god. Judeeeeee!” The scream she let out was music to his ears. She hadn’t stopped rubbing as he continued to fuck her at the same pace that brought her to a strong orgasm.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Primrose matched Jude’s thrusts. She wanted him to feel as good as her.

“Shit, girl. Hold up.”

“Are you running, Jude?” Primrose unlocked her ankles, managing to flip the two of them so she could ride him into oblivion. Now that she was fully sated, she focused on snatching that nut up out of him.

Still, with her heels on, she placed her feet on the bed, grabbed hold of Jude, and placed him at her entrance before easing down. Jude’s hands landed on her hips; he was gone let her rock, but he needed something to hold on to. Primrose rode him with her hands on her knees while flexing her muscles and riding him like a pro.

Jude smacked her ass, the heat of his palm turning her on even more. She placed a hand around his throat, looking him in the eyes as she sank down his dick.

On her knees, she placed her feet on the insides of his thighs and rode the tip, making Jude moan loudly. The grip he had on her ass tightened as if he was trying to imprint her. His eyes were squeezed shut, mouth open, and was in a state of euphoria. She slid down his pole, completely full of him. The grip on her neck tightened as she rode him faster.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. You feel amazing.”

After lifting, she slammed back down, repeating that action until she had enough. She wanted him delirious and out of his mind over her while she fucked him.

“I don’t want your body without your soul. So give me that shit, too,” she whispered in his ear.

His body stiffened before he came, filling her up with his seeds. She’d regret not hopping off him tomorrow, but until then, she slid up and down his dick, pulling the remaining nut out of him.

“Gah damn, Ma,” his voice came out raspy and exhausted. Primrose placed one last wet kiss on his lips before dismounting him. Heading inside the bathroom, she grabbed a small towel and wet it with warm water to clean them up. When she made it back to bed, Jude was out cold. His flaccid dick was still impressive even after it had gone down. She took special care and cleaned him up.

After placing the towel back in the bathroom, she climbed into bed beside him, promising to get a few hours of sleep before she crept out and did the walk of shame.

Jude awakened, his body popping straight up in the bed. He felt groggy as fuck and had no clue where he was. Looking around the room, he tried to remember how he’d gotten into the hotel room. When he looked down, realizing he was bare, a slow smile took over his face.

“That good ass pussy knocked me the fuck out. She could’ve robbed my ass.” Looking to the side of him, Jude expected to see Primrose. He figured she’d be knocked out next to him. He fucked her just as good as she had him.

So where the hell was she?

When he didn’t notice any of her belongings strewn around the room, he laid back down and tossed his arm over his face. “She ain’t even leave a nigga a goodbye note or nothing. Put that pussy on a nigga, then dipped on my ass.”

Jude had never experienced this type of morning after, and it stunned him. As crazy as the night had been, it was one he would never forget. Prim in that white dress, thighs, and shoulders on display–her big brown, sultry eyes staring up at him while willing to do whatever he asked. She was ingrained in his memory after just one evening of dancing and a night of him deep inside her. Just as he decided to get up and get his ass home, he heard a noise. Getting out of bed, he faced the bathroom door that was pulled open. His breath was stuck in his chest, ready for whatever the fuck was on the opposite side of the door.

The door creaked open, and Primrose walked out. She looked just as beautiful as she had the night prior, except with low, tired eyes. The smile on her face instantly made him smile back at her.

“Mr. Fontaine, take me to breakfast?”

The End... for now. maybe!

Thank you all so much for reading. If you made it to the end and genuinely enjoyed it, please leave a "review" in the comments below. If you loved it, please leave a "review" and share it for others to read as well. Although it is super short, I enjoyed writing about Primrose and Mr. Fontaine. There's more where they came from, hopefully. Thank you, again. Please subscribe for future exclusives.

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